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As we continue to provide the best care possible to our community while dealing with the current situation regarding COVID-19, the Health Center’s Pharmacies are now offering an exclusive hour of service for seniors, at the beginning of each business day. The Bourne Retail Pharmacy is open Monday through Friday from 8 am to 6 pm, with the 8 am to 9 am hour reserved for individuals aged 60 and older.  The Mashpee Pharmacy is open Monday through Thursday from 8 am to 6 pm, Friday from 8 am to 5 pm, and Saturday from 8 am to 12 pm, with the 8 am to 9 am hour is reserved for individuals aged 60 and older.

We try to take the stress and worry out of getting your medications with our convenient, affordable onsite Pharmacy.

The Pharmacy at Community Health Center of Cape Cod provides affordable prescriptions for Health Center patients, written by your Health Center provider (medical, dental, behavioral health and walk-in).

And our pharmacists do more than just fill prescriptions — they are a valuable resource you can turn to in order to ensure you fully understand your medications, any possible harmful interactions, contraindications, meet current therapy evidence based guidelines and can find alternatives to reduce cost and the number of medications you are taking. Our pharmacy team will make sure you are getting the best results from your medications.

Our two onsite pharmacies in Mashpee and Bourne are a great convenience for patients, with the added comfort of knowing your provider and pharmacists work together as part of your healthcare team. In most cases, we can fill your prescription while you wait, and can mail most prescriptions directly to you. We accept cash, debit/credit cards, flexible spending account cards, and local checks.

Pharmacy services at Community Health Center of Cape Cod include:

  • New prescriptions
  • Refill prescriptions
  • Mail service available

Our Bourne Retail Pharmacy is Open!

Our Bourne pharmacy is open and available to the public. Stop by and chat with our expert pharmacists for all your prescription questions!

Benefits of the CHC Bourne Retail Pharmacy include:

  • Open to all, even if you are not a CHC patient
  • Your current physician can request prescriptions at our pharmacy, with convenient hours
  • Communication to help manage medical conditions
  • Fast resolution of medication related issues
  • Vaccines are available
  • Friendly staff to answer all your medication questions

Frequently Asked Questions about the Health Center Pharmacy

How do I get a refill when I still have refills left on my prescription?
For patients at the Mashpee Pharmacy, please call 508-477-0004.  For patients of the Bourne Pharmacy, please call 508-539-6090.  Make sure you have the prescription number from the bottle and follow the instructions.

If I run out of medication, don’t have any refills left, and don’t have an appointment scheduled, what should I do?
Please call your care team and schedule an appointment. Make sure you let them know it is for a medication refill. Your medical team has a bridging policy to ensure you do not miss a dose while waiting for your next appointment. Do not go without medication if you are out of refills and medication.

What if my insurance is pending, but not active yet?
If you are working with our (or other health center) outreach staff to obtain insurance, you can purchase your medication at a reduced cost at the Health Center until your insurance becomes active.

What is a sliding-scale fee?
We offer a temporary sliding-scale fee for patients whose insurance is not active yet. (You must be working with our or other health center outreach staff to obtain insurance.) The reduced cost is based on your income, and you can pay this amount until your insurance is active. We cannot offer a sliding scale for medications that require a prior authorization or are not covered by your active insurance. Discount programs are available to help reduce cost of medications not covered by your insurance. The pharmacist usually can suggest alternative medications that would be covered if your insurance requires a prior authorizations or medication is not covered. Please make sure your provider knows if you do not have insurance so we can offer further assistance.

What if I only have Health Safety Net (HSN)?
You can get your prescriptions filled here. HSN patients pay the same co-pay as at other Federally Qualified Health Centers.

Are there any health insurance plans the Health Center does not accept?
We accept nearly all insurances, except Medicare Part B (medical supplies) Insurance. We take out-of-state insurance except state-specific Medicaid.

What if I only have Medicare?
You will pay the same co-pays as you pay at other pharmacies. We can help you apply for a secondary insurance, which often has prescription coverage. You can also call the number on your Medicare card to see if your plan has a preferred pharmacy.

I have insurance, but can you bill me if I don’t have the co-pay?
We cannot bill you, but you can speak with a member of our billing staff about a payment plan.

Can I use the pharmacy if I am a patient in Falmouth or the dental clinic or if I’m not a patient at CHC?
Yes. As part of our medical home, our pharmacies are available to all Health Center patients. The Bourne retail pharmacy is open to all individuals, regardless of CHC patient status.

Can prescriptions written by a non-Health Center provider be filled at the Health Center pharmacy?
Outside provider prescriptions can be re-written in certain instances by your Health Center provider, if we are managing your care. Patients who have health safety net (HSN) coverage are only covered at the health center pharmacy and should immediately meet with your medical team for reevaluation and rewrite. All other patients can fill outside provider prescription at any retail pharmacy, until their next provider appointment, who will then evaluate continuation of the therapy.

How do I sign up?
It’s easy. Just stop by the pharmacy on the ground floor in Mashpee or Bourne, or have your provider direct prescriptions to the CHC pharmacy.

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