Behavioral Health

Compassionate Behavioral Health Services

Most people experience periods of stress at some time in their lives, caused by family issues, loss or financial difficulties. Community Health Center’s approach to complete health and well-being means that we address mental and emotional needs as well as medical issues.

Behavioral Health services are provided to individuals who receive their primary care at CHC, and is provided by social workers, behavioral health counselors and psychiatrists.

Behavioral Health services at Community Health Center include:

  • Addiction assessment and counseling
  • Adult psychiatry
  • Depression and anxiety screening
  • Medication evaluation
  • Mental health assessment
  • Short- and long-term counseling
  • Substance abuse support
  • Trauma counseling
  • Referrals

Whether it’s one visit, several or an ongoing treatment plan, our psychiatrists, counselors, psychologists and social workers can provide the services our patients need.

CHC also offers group sessions for patients with anxiety-related disorders and those looking to improve healthy relationship-building skills. Please speak with your health care team if you are interested in participating in these programs.

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