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Compassionate Recovery Services

Substance use can tear lives and families apart. Community Health Center is here to help with a comprehensive, structured and safe outpatient treatment program.

Community Health Center offers recovery services, including medications for opioid use disorder (MOUD) that serve people who need assistance with recovery from substance use in a compassionate environment. These services are provided to individuals who receive their primary care at CHC.

The medication for opioid use disorder program for substance use disorder using Suboxone, Sublocade (injectable Suboxone) or Vivitrol. During weekly visits with a combination of certified physicians, registered nurses, behavioral health clinicians and support staff, we will assist you with your recovery, supporting you physically and emotionally.

Education for maintaining a healthier lifestyle is an important step on the road to recovery. We will provide you with the necessary tools to live a healthy drug-free and alcohol-free life.

Recovery services, including medications for opioid use disorder at Community Health Center include:

  • Access to a structured, safe and empowering environment
  • Consultation to discuss and develop an integrated treatment plan which could be most helpful for you
  • Comprehensive care that includes substance use services, behavioral health group sessions, and primary care follow-ups
  • Medication-assisted treatments that are closely monitored with weekly nurse visits
  • Personalized pathways to recovery with the consistent guidance of the substance use specialty team

To learn more about services, please call 508-477-7090 ext. 3106.

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